Great Lakes Region Watch (GLRW) believes in diverse cultures having the space to freely demand for accountability, justice, compensation, advancing individual human rights defenders and citizen’s knowledge to claim their fundamental rights and freedoms. With realization of a potential and well-wisher donor, GLRW shall be in position to work in countries which comprises Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi in bringing together diverse nations and cultures. However, Head Offices shall be in Uganda but open branches in these different countries.

• To enhance local knowledge and cultures, harmonizing economic and social development through active participation
• To improve the living conditions of vulnerable and special interest groups
• Building networks that can be able to amplify the marginalized voices by engaging different stakeholders at all levels
• Providing a platform for engagement on issues affecting communities and coming up with solutions

Human Rights Advocacy
Health campaigns

I’m a man of unity, reconciliation, justice, democracy and common sense. I take opportunity as a concerned citizen with a strong determination to continue with my agenda of fighting for the human rights.

It is my pleasure to continue advocating for a reform agenda which encourages and respects the rights of other communities in their respective cultures, engaging and bringing them on board to achieve the true objectives as citizens.

I am a hardworking, innovative, socially interactive and ambitious. I have good interpersonal relationship and I easily work and co-operate with a group of people I find myself with and I am curious to learn new things that can broaden my capacity of knowledge and I’m quiet faster in learning.

I’m a founder and coordinator, Umbrella for Journalists Kasese (UJK), currently working with Institute of Community Reporters (ICR), my agenda is to provide a good and much longed service to the citizens in the global village. I’m an Award winner; Most Positively Inspiring African Youth MPIAY 2017.
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Bikeke Saimon

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