We can do even better than non-disabled, PWD’s shout out.

By Bikeke Saimon

The world disability report states that people living with disabilities are less likely to suffer stigmatization than their able bodied counterparts which lowers their retention and transition rates.

People living with disabilities in kasese district have rubbished the public perception that they can hardly live a life like the rest of the people saying they do have goals that perhaps the non-disabled don’t have.

The widespread belief has ruined many talents and lives of people living with disabilities all over the globe.

This was observed during the celebration of the day of people living with disabilities in kasese district at Mpondwe primary in Mpondwe Lhubiriha town council Kasese district.

The international day of people with disabilities is celebrated on the 3rd of December but as a district they decided to celebrate belated one.

The celebrations were presided over by Hon. Alex Ndezi who is also a person with special needs as he can hardly hear but can speak very little.

While speaking to the Hon. Alex Ndezi the Member of Parliament representing people with disabilities in Uganda challenged people with wrong perceptions towards PWDs saying disability doesn’t mean inability; adding that people with such perceptions contribute much towards wastage of resources.

When asked about heavy taxes imposed on goods and business, Alex stated that according to the law if there is any compliant from people with disabilities it’s inevitable, however added that a specific request is made to the minister of finance for help.

Biira Rachael lady living with disability reechoes that the rest of the PWDs believes they can do even better than the non-disabled regardless of the public perception towards disability.

The Executive Director Karambi Group of People with Disabilities, Josephat Muhindo called upon the government to taxi free tools sent to benefit people with disabilities from other countries and to increase on fund since the number of people with disabilities are increasing every day.  

Mapozi Sylvester Mayor Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council said as the leadership they will work together with PWDs and ensure they promote equity when it comes all government programs.

The Deputy Mayor Kasese Municipality Peter Baluku who doubles as the Coordinator Kasese District Union of People with Disability (KADUPEDI)   said that they can also contribute to the development of the country, adding that people with mind that disabled people can’t do anything they are lying. End.


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