Hannes De Meyer from Belgium sharing his experience in strategic planning capacity building within the health sector in Uganda.  He says this being his first time in the country which is not his origin, he has witnessed different cultures.

He describes Uganda as a very nice place to live in. He further stresses that despite the category of those he equip knowledge with being of different in age and even the majority older than him, he does not see it as a challenge since everyone has his own skills.

He adds that he only gives them tips to develop their own strategic plan. Hannes while in Kasese District argued those who are abroad willing to work with governments to consider Uganda which he says is hospitable.

He however says that in hospitals there are many things to do not only training but attention in ensuring good health services is provided to all.

Currently Hannes is working with Enabel, a new name for the Belgian Development Agency that is working with the Ministry of Health to equip health facilities have capacity to provide better quality services prioritizing initially those in remote areas as they proceed to entire country health facilities.

This institutional capacity building project, continue to support activities with the aim of strengthening the health system in the Rwenzori. These activities include among others, preparation of annual result reports, long term strategic plan, annual work plan, monitoring and evaluation topics.  End

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