I never looked at poetry changing my life until recently as I just neglected to think how poetry has got me through the rough times as well as good times. The way poetry is a way to express myself no matter what my mood an avenue to be destructive or positive. To show my joy with events and my discontent to spread like locus or vanish in an instance. Poetry has changed me into believing in ideas and revolution maybe this comes from the fact I used to squat only time will tell.
We the many have been occupied
By the few, impotent of that moral compass that drives
What next through the gates of the unknown
The greed and self deification
That keeps these vultures plump, no foresight
No soul.
It is we the many who will educate them
Bring them back to the values, which set
Us a part from the beasts
Our chance to delight in what matters
It’s time we the masses become
Heard dispel the voiceless shackles
Rise up as we sweep across the globe
Taking back what has been stolen from us
Our Respect, our Dreams, Our Beliefs
The time is at hand brothers and sisters

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