"I could sense your happiness even though I was your small dot of hope and your bond to faith. Sounds of celebration, contentment, I could hear them all. We spoke about us, our lives after I arrive. Your caressing touch as you spoke to me. I wish I could touch your hands back. Early days they were, was a matter of time.
You spoke about life, I didn't know what it meant. I was still that speck within you without an identity. You spoke about Love, it sounded beautiful and you said it trancended everything. You said you loved me and that we were connected for eternity. Within you I could see myself grow. You spoke about aspirations, you spoke about potential, you spoke about dreams, you told me what life is all about, what it could be. You said I would be born to a proud Mother.
You made me hear a voice, A voice that spoke with you. Father, you spoke with her. I heard a voice full of promise, strength and ecstacy. Mother, you said our soul is connected, our hearts beat in unison and that you breathed in life, just for me.
I could sense your restlessness Mother. That deafening voice. Father, you are losing your voice to him. It is now getting stronger, I can sense him coming closer to us. I can sense your silence. The vociferous voice now fades. But father, what is in an identity? Why would it change anything?
I hear more sounds. I have heard these sounds before, they use to come with laughter and accolades. These voices now seem to pierce us. Mother speak. Don't let them talk into you. I can't comprehend your silence.
Where are they taking us? Your silence still palpable. I can feel that constraining grip. Talk to me.
"She is a girl"...is all I heard father say and you finally spoke, asking for forgiveness. "Let her live"...begging for mercy. I can sense your pain, your cry, your fright. The wounds I know I'm inflicting on you but tell me why am I doing this. Give me chance to life.
I can hear you shout. I can hear your pain. I feel you shiver, I can feel those tremors. You are calming down, they made you calm down. Stay calm Mother, stay calm.
I would have been as beautiful as you. A deception too early to understand. The knife now stares at me. "
What is it with people quashing those lives that deem inferior to them? An act of insecurity itself deems one inferior. What is it with people trying to abolish that same life that gives creates another? Let us not create ironies.
Save the girl child. It's happening.

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