World  environment day is a global event where positive Global Action is celebrated. It takes place on the 5 th  June 2014 and it involves people all over the planet. Its aim is to stimulate awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action. People are encouraged to perform acts that will help the environment such as walking to work,  organize a neighbourhood clean up , stop using plastic bags in order to help future generations.

We want to know if you are doing anything for the environment, either on this day or all year round . Perhaps you have been recycling for a long time or you may ride a bike to work .Maybe you have a story about how someone that you know helps the environment . We’d love to know your views and feelings about the environment, or any global or local green issues .

Please send us any stories, videos, audio pieces telling us your story regarding the environment.

In my area of Salford, the main thing I see people doing is using the different bins that the council have started using . Each Friday there is a ritual of all the neighbours looking at each others bins, trying to remember what colour goes out that week. The coloured bins seem to be used as extra bins, rather than for  recycling different materials by a lot of people  . I think the food waste bins is a great idea. The waste gets converted to compost . In some areas in the country, this is then converted into electricity. The binmen seem very strict about what you put in it, I’ve seen them refuse to take a bin cause it was filled with the wrong stuff.

Please send your stories by June 3rd and tag your posts EDay14

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