He was a master of music and a great teacher in sports. His work was outstanding and he accomplished many things in short years of time before the enemy came and destroyed his life forever. He was a great teacher and all who knew him loved him. His star had always out shined others. His work was of excellence. Wherever he went he was recognised for his good works and he could not missed out in the crowd for he was a great teacher. He always wore an infectious smile. His smile was a joy to many. He was a man who loved life and enjoys it and appreciates each day as it goes by. In his serenity he worshipped God and thanked him for a new day, for a new life, for a new beginning, for a wonderful family that God sets before him and for the abundance of happiness that came as a gift in lives of many and touched all who came by. He was the teacher who was loved by all school children and all those who pass through his hands. The community at large loved him and he was special, a rare gift, and a blessing to them. How could they not love him? He was a man of valour, a man of valued ethos, a man who taught their children to be better people in the world. In the community he had always give a hand to the things that matters their hearts.
In his time he humbled himself and God always see that his love to people will surpass all that the world could think of. Neither did we saw him angry. He worked peacefully and desired the best for his people and the world. He was a man who was not recognised at community level only but on higher places, at the epitome of the education. His personal records were crystal clear and his wonderful work mightily recognised in whatever capacity, for he was a man of integrity, a man of good ethos, a man who believes in building his nation and do his best in circles of time. He was the man who I still vividly remember for I cried inconsolably when I heard his life had come to an end in short time of pace. What an untimely death that stole where the heart lies and leaving the loved ones heartbroken.
Where would we look?  To the east, to the west, to the north and to the south in searching for the answers, to which nobody could answer them, for grieve had stolen that special love that we had always cherished, that love that made us to sustain or succumb the hardships. In grieving we released all the soft emotions and leaving the hard feelings rumbling in our stomachs. Mr Mugadza was a such a loving man, a teacher to those whom he taught , a father to his children and a husband to his wife and a colleague to his workmates, a child to those who bore him, a hero and a legend to this those who loved and honoured his work. He was a blessing to the community at large. He was a star among his own people, but that star blacked out as the enemy shuttered its roots.
Mr Mugadza was quickly stolen away from the people he loved and the people who reciprocated his love. An enemy became the security guard and how controversial that the works that did not correspond with the deeds. Did he think he was bare animal? What was in guard’s mind when he shot him? Mr Mugadza who had just come from a sports day and checking materials in his classroom, to see whether the children had organised it well. It was there at his classroom where he met his fate. All about him went in fractions but his good memories still lives in us and in those who cherished him. In bunch of cruelty, and in bunch of senseless, these evil deeds are  still performed everyday and we see them happening and we have no control over them as devil comes in form of a sheep. He steals, he destroys and he kills.
Who is hurt you or me? It’s for you to answer, for I hurt and haunted for weeks and months. I know that day we huddled with other students at St Anne’s (Goto) High School, in Zimbabwe. We tried our best to comfort ourselves as grieve took control of our lives. Silently on a Sunday morning, a week after his death, we bade an everlasting farewell. He was buried peacefully in his homeland where he grew up and loved. Quietly we uttered words of comfort. May your Spirit Rest In Peace. Forever we remember you and forever go well.

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