I was walking by and I saw you going between the two vans at that house. Somehow your behaviour was very suspicious and it sent a signal to my brains that I should standby and watched your actions. I watched every movement you took but you never dared to turn around. Probably you would have seen me and would have stopped your dreadful actions. Was it a sinful act?  Yes at that time when you broke that window, you broke the law. At first you confused me with your actions, by making thinking you are the owner of the house and you have forgotten something very important. Your dreadful actions betrayed you and did not tally with that of an owner. I saw you lifting up your fits and punched the window with almighty force. The window responded with a shattering sound. I saw you the housebreaker jumping in and I strayed on the road wondering to call the police or not. Finally I made up my mind and dialled 999.
In five minutes the police had sent their escort to talk to me. I wanted to hide my identity from you for I could not trust a housebreaker like you for you can destroy anything that comes across your face. Another team of police force was on that house you break, taking forensic evidence. Unfortunately you were nowhere to be found and I blamed myself for procrastinating my actions. It should have been easy meat to catch. Red handed, is the common phrase. My heart was broke and it went out to the family whom you have ruined their securities. The police were able to get in touch with the family. After giving a good description of you and detailed information of how you sneaked into the house they let me go. But for some days and months, memories of your dreadful actions rang vividly in my mind. I wondered where you had gone? The police updated me that they could not trek you. Yes it seemed like yesterday but it is still fresh like yesterday. How I wonder who you are? In a good way you have given me something to talk about and to write about and able to release my feelings.  Housebreaker next time I see you I won’t give you time to breath. The chains of bondage will follow you then you will call for deliverance and there you shall be saved.

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