Managing emotions – Identifying feelings
I know you the gun, you are very pretentious, and you look as good as anything else as long no human hand touches you. The moment the human hand touches you and sets off your emotions you become a dreadful enemy. You explode voraciously and touch anything that comes across your way. You have no fear and you have no mercy. You destroy where the heart yearns. You don’t even understand how hurtful and traumatic it is for those who become childless, motherless, fatherless, orphans, widows and widowers.
What people see is the result of your fatal actions. Everywhere it was painted with blood, a fresh warm blood of their little children, of their beloved ones and the teachers. Hysteria strikes upon hearing the dreadful news. The parents shivered with terror and ran frantically towards the school hoping they will find their children still fine but only to be greeted with blood, everywhere it’s blood. They shout screams of despair and saw their little ones lie in cold-blooded. They huddled their lifeless bodies praying in their hearts if things could be reversible but it is no-more reversible hour, because you gun you have done your dreadful job. The parents cried out: “God why have you let it happen? And why our babies?” They look everywhere for answers but they don’t get the answers. Where would they get the answer? When you gun you had gone back to your pretentious shell and looking good as anything else before the human hand sets off your emotions.
The child is dead. The parents are traumatically devastated. The child that had always brought angelic smiles and lit up the house with happiness had been viciously stolen forever from their lives. What an untimely death, to steal the hopes of the many, the hopes of the child and the hopes of the parent? Their child they have always envisaged that one-day would have a beautiful life. BUT you gun you destroyed that vision and left a big void in the lives of many that can never be filled again.
One morning you a visited a school, there was serenity the time you arrived, like the world at peace. When you entered the school your emotions were set off, the human hand behind you, set off and there was rampage at school, a dreadful massacre . For it was not a child but many children, their teachers and the headmaster perished and it was unforgivable action. The whole world witnessed the cruelty episode of this nature and grieved with the parents. “Whom do we blame the gun or the human?” The humans asked themselves.
I know you have the answer, gun. It’s ready on your mouth to defend your actions. “It wasn’t me,” you said. I acted under duress because the human had put his hand behind on set off my emotions.  I exploded in volumes but if it wasn’t the human who put his hand on me, I would be as good as anything else. But if you could give me a minute of your time, I will tell you a story that is inscribed in my heart”. “Go on, Gun, tell your story,” the humans said.
“For generations and generations,” the gun begun to tell his story, “the human being had taken mindful of me. He took a step closer when he invented my first ancestors. He took pride in my ancestors and thought they would bring social securities and a powerful kingdom ship. As the human mind become eventful, he designed and created more and more of my strong and resistant of my ancestors. The human saw how beneficial and productive were my ancestors. “How could this be more effective to gain stability and wealth?” The human asked himself as he sat down and put his head on his lap and by the time he woke up he thought he had a vision. It was a good vision. The vision was about mass production, yielding more in one goal. He became excited and laughed all the way to his home. He pounded his chest like he was pounding a drum and celebrated like African celebrations.
The human went ahead with his plan and set out a massive machinery plant where my ancestors were produced in large quantities. They were arsenal of arsenals produced everyday. The human was very happy with on going production and thought he could make more money and his life comfortable as profits soared. The human marketed my ancestors to his friends, family, neighbours and in far lands around the world. Every time the human heard of new war in different regions he became excited as flow of wealth was consistently coming at his doorstep. It means more weapons in demand and the human forget the people killed by us the guns  where of his race. BUT the human didn’t care enough for he wanted money and secure inheritance for his family and great, great-grandchildren. He never thought that other people of his race would want the same privileges as his family and they never liked the weaponry of his creations for it destroyed millions. They wanted to live in harmony. How could they live in harmony when their neighbour put his hand on the gun and set off the emotions?
The human continued to experiment and he found it fascinating and the human was able to produce a finest gun of my calibre. As guns we are all uniquely talented depending on what style but all our action falls on one common denominator, which is to KILL. I wouldn’t kill without a human putting his hands on me. I want to be good for I know my actions are fatal and traumatic. But how can I be good when human hand touches me to kill his race? I wish I could talk a language that a human would understand me. I wish I could say stop USING ME in killing angels, little children, and innocent blood. I wish I could say my ancestors had enough of human mercenaries. I wish I could tell the human, stop the invention of me and look around and see the catastrophic you have brought to your race. War after war, and every Jack and Jill can buy me to use me for the wrong things.
I wish not to be used. What a cruel world, with cruel minds, filled with greediness, and never be at peace. I wish I could hide myself indefinitely from the human hand for it’s not fit for purpose when it sets off my emotions for the wrong things. How I wish to live in harmony without labelling my name. Did you hear my verdict for my fatal actions blame the human? I am sorry to those I hurt and I wish I could remove myself without causing grievances to anyone of you. It saddened me to see you all crying, terrified of me because of one man who set off my emotions. May your beautiful souls rest in peace?  Always remembered for you beautiful smiles and deeds. The teachers I salute you and you died protecting these children but the enemy was powerful. Rest in peace and remain protecting them high above in the sky.”

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