English: Official work by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In recent years I have received so many letters that claimed that I have won over a million pounds and I wondered how would I have won and yet I did not play a lottery game. In some of these letters I was asked to pay a certain amount of money for the transaction to proceed, while in some letters they would want me to send my bank details so they could “deposit” money in my account.

The recent scam emails I received had suggested the money had been sent through western union, so I should call the supplied name and ask for the money. Immediately I knew that it is one of the scam letters. I searched on Google and found similar letter had circulated to many people and confirmed it was a fraud letter. Here is one of the latest fraudulent letter I have received which reads:

From: adamjnr@mweb.co.za

To: ;
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 19:21:11 +0200
Subject: Your ID Has Was Granted £950,000,00 GBP In LG Electronics Cash Offer. To Claim, Reply To This Mail-ID(jerry-smith436@hotmail.co.uk )With Your Name/Address/Phone No/Country

Fortunately, I never acted upon their requests instead I tried to scare them off, pretending I work for CIA and it worked as some of these con people never came back to me. I am sure I am not alone as there are million of cases similar to mine. The difference is how you react when you are told you have won a million of pounds or dollars that you have never won in your life, in these times of recession. It’s easy to bait. They are over hundred thousands of similar cases like mine and some people have baited easily and found after a length of time that they have been duped.

Some people go online and pretending they are looking for a man or woman to date. While chatting online the pretender may fake that (s) he has gone into some problem in a remote place and need some money to fix the problem. With genuine sympathy the other part would immediately want to help and trying his or her best to the send the money. The con person would simply supply the name and account where the money should be deposited. The genuine would act upon it and only after some few days (s) he would only realise that he has been conned as the con person block him or her from communicating further. Some con people may decide to continue with the relationship until they have yielded more in their conning behaviour.

I know of a true story of a British woman who was conned more than eighty thousand pounds over a two-year period. She believed that her online date from America was a genuine but it never rang to her why this man was continuously asking money every time they were online. The man had posed as a white American guy, who went to Iraq war and came back from war badly injured. He had children to look after and his wife had recently died as of cancer. It was when this man blocked her and wondered what had gone wrong. The woman’s friend took her to police, and it was after the investigations that the woman was left devastated when the truth came up. The man, who posed to be a potential husband, was not even from America he was from Africa.

My advice is to completely ignore, delete the scam emails or go to the nearest police station if you receive these similar fraudulent emails. The police can track the fraudulent person until (s)he is brought to the court of laws.. Do not get baited online simply because you are desperately looking for love. When you accept any scam offers it simply means you are entering on illegal contract. Let’s say it happens that the police catch you and you say to them you didn’t know. Let me say to you: Ignorance of law has no excuse. Therefore you are as equally guilty as like the person who breached the law intentionally and knowing the consequences.

In a nut shell I am saying stay alert and be warned that they are devil fishers and they may hook your money in the name of love, sending emails claiming you have won some millions of money. Don’t be trapped in this deceitful triangular. Keep your identity secure and don’t give away your bank details to strangers. I hope by reading this article you have benefited something. Never cry over spit milk but prevention is better than cure.

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