This film has been produced as part of the CoSIE project with participants involved in the Finnish pilot activity. In this thematic edit, we hear from young people about their lives in Finland and the challenges they face.Find out more at:

funny. I still go about it. And just that way you go. No

Uh, yeah. I take care of I have my no Hm. Let's give her at night

No. And like yeah, yeah. No

Hm. Not bottom. I want the those open on the end all we got

So he then got the sort of these are Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everything is OK to from from from the point of my view, everything is OK. And the only thing there is language

Sometimes I find difficult sometimes most. Especially if I'm looking for a job or some. If you meet someone who really want to associate with you But you can I can speak English

The person cannot speak, finished English. So this is getting a little bit difficult to communicate some time that only challenges. But have you ever been in, like, language? Course? Yeah

During my school time, I did some finished course, like, three months. But I think we just did some basic just to to have credit. Yeah

No, that No. Yeah. No

Oh, well, the other day, I was like, Oh, you need to know. Um her What up, you, madam. What about he had a God got it

That was it. So yeah. Mm

To the, uh, by the I miss, uh, leader as well, right?.

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