The storyteller talks about their experience receiving support from KBOP

OK, so what has been your experience of the Kirkley Better Outcomes partnership they've helped me with? Um, a lot of things since covid started. Is there any specific things that you remember? Like from the start of covid? How did how did it change how you were, like, with all the things that happened because of, like, isolation and stuff like that, or just getting out into the community and connecting with people again and doing some volunteering and feeling that I was socialising once more? Um, other than just in and out in a when he gets an out. OK, so is there any, like, groups or anything that they linked you in with, or was it more 1 to 1 support? Um, are you talking of care? Yeah, right. Um, he came from, actually, um, community plus link me today, OK? Yeah

And what what sort of stuff did you do with community? Plus, um, I was doing, um, volunteering, recycling the cards. OK. For, um, the church in town which the money that the so far used to help with the food back

Ok, And what sort of cards were they like? Christmas cards or birthday? cards or anything you can think of. Yeah, we'd have, like, seasonal things come up. Um, and it was recycling cards

And because, um, I like creative things. They were quite fun. Yeah

And also meeting new people and having a giggle and a chat, a cup of tea and a biscuit. And was that something new for you? Like meeting new people and getting to catch up with people with tea and biscuits and stuff? It was because I've become quite isolated before covid and not socialising, um, due to a a knock in my life. Which kind of my confidence

Yeah. So do you think your confidence was impacted by the by the support of behaviour? Yeah. Yeah, I do

Um, it helps a lot. It kind of building me back up again.

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