In this video Rachel and Claire have a chat about lived experience.

Hi, Rachel. I'm going to ask you what your definition of lived experiences. Oh, um, my definition of would experience has been somebody that has gone through traumatic experience in the life that's like them to them, potentially make decisions that are best decisions for them. At the time, it felt like the right thing to do for them

And whether that be substance misuse or, um or not the relationships. Maybe So I think it's it's having that experience going through those traumatic events in the line, being homeless, having mental health issues as well, and then being able to work on those issues and get to a place in your lives and then use that lived experience that you have within it. It's always there, and it never goes away, um, to help and support other people, whether that be working on the front lines for people or whether it's working on a project behind sort of the scenes a bit, some more like the programme level, or, um, even even at the beginning of a project feeding into how that is going to be delivered, how a service is going to be a little bit

I think it's really important that people with lived experience realised that their voice is really important. So let me ask you, what support do you think should be available for people with lived experience who want to get involved in this type of work? Um, so I'd say that I think there should be something similar, if not the same as what we do work shelter, which is the growth programme. So, um, an organisation might not be able to deliver for growth model of these, these learning that can be taken from that

So like, for example, making sure that you advertised way like in advance for a job and then put on some pre application sessions and then and a number of the team would go to those events and support people to put in applications for those jobs. And you might find that when you get there, it might not be the right thing for some people. So it's about sin posting

They might need some support with like education, so we can refer to all the organisations that we know and and I think the other thing as well that other organisations can do is is be open minded and not so closed off To think that that everyone is the same because we're not. And we're all different. We've all had different experiences and to see the value in people that have lived experience

Really? Thank you very much, Rachel..

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