Interview with Barnsley Museum staff on their wellbeing. 

So that's what keeps you well, one of the most important things, I think. And it's probably becoming more important, uh, is getting supportive messages from other people and also being able to support them. Um, so a recent, um, my I'm on a WhatsApp group for WiFi parents at school and one of the moms. It's sometimes sometimes not very helpful

But one of the moms recently posted a something she'd just seen on Facebook, and it was about home schooling and expectations. And, um, the basic message was, If you think that you're being expected to work parent and home school perfectly, then you you know, that's it's not possible. You cannot do that

Um, everyone's situation is different. Um, but the most important thing right now for your kids as well, is that you? It's they need to feel, um, loved and safe and, you know, Yeah, they Yeah, obviously they need their brain stimulating, but, um, it was I think the message was cut yourself some slack. Don't, um, don't have these really high expectations

Um, of of of what you're expected to achieve, uh, every day, Uh, and just focus on those really important core things so and also understand, You know, with kids behaviour, it's like just understanding that you might not initially think that something that they're doing, um or that they're angry about is connected to the fact that they are not at school and they are at home and they're trying to cope with that. They're trying to cope with doing school work at home. It's like, you can't expect them to just go

Oh, OK, I'm home schooling, Right, OK. And I think it was good that it pointed out you have to be a bit understanding about that and that they're gonna struggle for all sorts of reasons because you don't know what they do in school every day. You don't know the little things that they like

They don't like, um, that they find easy. They find hard. You get a very broad 10 minutes of parents evening and whatever information comes out of their mouths, which is not always accurate

But, um so I think trying, you know, it it that sort of opened my eyes a little bit about about being understanding more understanding towards them and not being rigid about. You have to learn this today, so supporting them and when I have done it when I've managed it, because this was only recent was seeing the benefits of that. It was like, Oh my God, that works

It's like, great. So that that that keeps me Well, definitely. But also, I've noticed since we've come back from New Year and we were doing it last year anyway, within my team, just talking to each other

Um, not necessarily about anything working, but just asking how each other are. Since New Year, it seems to have become a very crucial thing. Not not for people sobbing on each other's pe on each other's shoulders, but to, um uh, just, I don't know, really

It's just become a really, uh, very important thing. I saw Alison yesterday and we talked, and I just felt so much better afterwards, and we were just We were just talking about general stuff. It wasn't deep

We were talking about how what was going well, what wasn't going well and yeah, so that, um, is is really important. Definitely. And I know the people not to expect support from not necessarily because they're both people, but just because they're not very good at giving you

Yeah, that's so that that was my last comment. Thank you.

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