The story teller talks about there experience of living in tile hill

Well, thank you for Michelle for coming to speak to us today. Um, I'd just like to have your opinion on a few things about Tyle Hill. Um, what is it that you like a lot about living in Tyne Hill? Um, I'm born and bred in Ty Hill, so I've never really lived anywhere else, so I couldn't compare it to anywhere else. But I've always found that there has been a nice community atmosphere in the area

Um, we have lots of green space and lots of woodlands. Um, so, yeah, that's one of the reasons I love it. I love the area

Yeah, that's good. And what is it that you don't like about the area? The reputation we have? I think it's an unjust reputation. Yes, we do have some, um, undesirables, but so does every area in the city or every area of the country

Um, but I think one of the main problems we have is the fact that the people in the area actually a lot of people who come and say, oh, is a really bad area to live in. And I'm like, Well, you're saying this, but I've never all my life. Um, What? I've heard what's happened, but I've never I think I've only ever really seen one real incident in the area

And you're talking 20 odd years ago. I mean, lots of incidents do happen, obviously, because it hits the news. But where I live and I, I do live near the bad area a few few streets away

Um, it doesn't affect it's never affected my life in in a way, in the way that people think it does affect. If you had some money to spend in entire Hill, what do you think you'd like it to be spent on improving the facilities in, um for the community. So, um, we like I said, we have the lots of space, but we lack a lot of community activities that isn't church based

Um, working for a church and working with the other churches in the area. A lot of feedback we get is people don't always want to be involved in a church project. It needs to be a community project where people from the community are working for the community

Um, and that success we did have a successful community day. We've had a couple of successful community days where the people have. But they have been well attended by the people of Todd Hill

Um, but from a personal point of view, I think it's getting the people of Tale Hill involved in Tar Hill needs to be. So if we can get funding where it can be peer led, as opposed to church or community council led or company led, it needs to be able for the people of the area to spend the money on what they need, Right? Thank you, miss. How That was very helpful, OK?


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