This film has been produced as part of the CoSIE project with participants involved in the Swedish pilot activity. In this thematic edit, the storytellers talk about various aspects of life in Sweden and experiences of social care in Jönköping. Find out more at

you? Yeah, I've been And now So they on your man. So for me, the heat But, uh, after it or so they come here. So we get to this time its gonna come. We will

We can We can add some You some money that, uh, Buddha or and Oh, God. Uh, they live. They live better than to them, so yeah, really good

Well, you don't understand. Oh, yeah. And you never He said first new They're not used to you

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Since we are, we are so so Move on. And after some year three they then had to start shopping you and OK, you do a work Do do help Don't do that was on the the for work now except the I mean all the all the glory of or all all the the the IP I show that organisations shall employee people with disability to help other people with disability Um it is a moment on the rise I like to meditate. My brain is missing the philtre for perceptions

Every single perceptions in the world makes my brain tired and it feels like my brain is swelling. So I like to meditate. I like to listen to G Gregorian music and to watch sitcoms

You'll take your day out of there, then for me at the Thank you. Well, um of the stimuli three. I saw, um I've you 10 years

So if you meet me on the street, you cannot see on me that I have a disability. I have a disability in my mind. And it is not depending on my character

It is a disability I am born with, which make me very tired. It is a real challenge for me. So events that happens outside my square Yeah

Your child down like to not What do you What I call my hand? No, I'm I'm ok guys. You are pretty different cell. So So you you doing something? It was in this way

That's good. So maybe at the back today a little easy to go. You're going to say you know that don't so for you know I had to go for me to finish

So so mean they believe there was still a problem or nothing. Don't throw you throw out there, so Ok, ok, I hope that and thank you. You can view that that so that, um after the and tomato and medicine

So more or so Take you a lot. This issue that they say we do not understand your feelings. You need to be in my place

You need to show you my feelings. It's too hard to tell them something. But I need them

I really want them to just travel through my country one time to see the reality with their own eyes, to feed the fear with their own hearts and thoughts and brain. When you are living in Afghanistan every night you hear the gun fighting gun shooting and bombs and explosions and helicopters which are near your house. And your windows are trembling

So three at midnight, how they would wake up. I wanted him to feel it. I want them to know that I'm waiting him for three years

And so when I came, I had no white hair. But all my head are full stress with no hope with I want them to understand this. It's really important

Thank you. That man Listen in and then, um what? Yeah, yeah,.

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