“As a Cervical Cancer Survivor now of almost 13 years I have spent most of that time raising awareness and fundraising, unfortunately during my illness there just wasn't any support groups available. I've always been happy to share my experiences and offer support to other women going through cervical cancer as I know how much it would have helped me, now thanks to Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust I am able to offer that support here in Ayrshire as your friendly local Cervical Cancer Support Group Leader.” 

Group Leader

The Ayrshire support group is led by myself and I have been trained by the charity JCCT.

Since recovering from cervical cancer I have continued to raise awareness, fundraise, make presentations at various clubs/organisations and more recently set up a cervical cancer support group here in Ayrshire on behalf of Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust.

I had the pleasure of being invited by my local MP Katy Clark to the 'International Women's Day' & meeting The Prime Minister at No.10 to discuss new policies on Cervical Screening and raising cervical awareness.

About the Ayrshire Support Group

Having the support group in Ayrshire will offer you the opportunity to meet each other locally for information, friendship and above all the support you need. When you’ve got questions and want reliable information, sometimes you just need to be able to talk to someone about what you're going through, who completely understands because they themselves have gone through it.

You can also look forward to helping out with organising fundraisers, local events and occasionally we will have guest speakers attending our meetings that will often have you giggling before they even start!

Come along to our support group, sometimes a friendly face is all you need.

Contacting the Ayrshire Support Group

Please contact me by registering online or by emailing josayrshiregroup@gmail.com.


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