With the imposed lock-down and social distancing many are more socially isolated than ever just now. I have been hosting face time meet ups online with friends, family and fellow veterans on a Facebook group called VIRTUAL Veteran Hang Outs!

Without this many of our fellow veterans would have had no face to face interaction at all these past few weeks, but now many can enjoy getting together for virtual comradeship.

Virtual hang outs are available 24/7, if you'd like to join the chat please pm me or email me directly on

Stay safe..



Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. We have set-up a specific page for stories relating to COVID-19 on the Community Reporter website. Are you okay, if we share this story to that page as well? It won't change anything, it will just be listed here as well:

We are putting out an official call to our network later this week so more stories should start appearing there too. 

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Hi Hayley,  Yes please go ahead and share away!

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