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Asking what current everyday pressures and stressor do you have at the moment?

what everyday pressures and stresses do you have at the moment? Ok, um so basically, at the moment, I don't have that many stresses. Um, because I'm not really doing that much, um, out of work and stuff. But, um, before when I was working my old job, I was a lot more stressed out. It was mainly just about going to work and stuff around that and then, um also, like, um, about savings and stuff

Um, because I guess this last year it's probably more because I've been out of work and I've had to dip in a lot into my savings and with the cost of everything going up a bit of a issue or a bit of a stress, that can be like financial issues. And also, I have a lot of problems with my car. I something that stresses me out

Um, like, things just start working on and I don't want to buy a new one. that could be a stress about, I think because I live at home. I don't have as many stresses as a lot of people

My age probably would a lot of the pressure. A lot of the pressures that I feel is probably just getting, um, kind of trying to get things done at this age before you turn 30. Because if it was like, that's, like a big milestone and by that point, you need to have your life together

And obviously I don't feel like my life is already together. But, um, recently, I did get a new job which helped me, like with a lot of my stress that I was going through. It was mainly around trying to find a job

It'd be on and off. It wouldn't be constantly I was stressed about it, but randomly, I would just think, Oh my God, I need to get a job at some point And that would stress me out. But now, because I've got a job even though I haven't started yet, Um, a lot of that pressure seems to have gone

I think once it gets closer to the the day of me starting work, I'll probably be a bit stressed about about the job itself. But at the moment, no, I'm right with with that, but yeah, but those are kind of everyday, and I guess the cost of living prices is a bit of a stress out as well. Um, like when you go to the shop and you just need to buy something basic, and then you look at the price of it, and then you can be a bit surprised about how expensive things are going and just about like, I Obviously I don't have that my saving because, you know, I was out of work and I keep dipping into my savings

So sometimes I do feel a bit stressed about the future and stuff like about buying a house, owning property in any way, because it feels like it might be near impossible unless, like, you loads of people get together and buy 11 place. But yeah, I guess that would be kind stress, as you promise. I see it's very short


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