Dawid from Poland talks about his experiences like forced social isolation and graduation during the pandemic -
I remember the day. It was a day which they said that we did not have a lecture on university...

Hi. Hello. How are you? Thank you. OK, welcome

Welcome to our chat. And today we are talking about um Mm. We are collecting some some feedback about pandemic and and the impact of pandemic on, uh, on your life

And And I have got two questions for you. Uh, first I would like to know what is your name and where do you come from? Ok, I'm I'm from Poland, OK? And the question is how the pandemic has changed your life. OK, so from the beginning, uh, I remember the day this is like the day

Probably like people said that they remember 9 11 or something. I remember the day it was the day which they said that we don't have the lectures in my university first. OK, I'm happy I have to go to university one week

Hm. OK, something new online classes, one month depressed, Uh, a lot of, uh, bad feelings. Uh, half half here

I was like in the state that I want to meet people. I want to see people, but the restrictions were going further and further and further. Uh and that was like the hard time to meet anybody like Even with the family, there was a problem even to go to like the city because everybody was scared

Everybody was thinking, Oh, I will have, like, quarantine or whatever. I want to be safe. So my life changed that

I was going. I was like, I was, like, woke up on the morning and sit in front of my computer from the morning to the evening, even in the night. And because of that, I have the glasses because, like, this is what I have here, Like a little bit broke my view

Uh, so, yeah, this is the case. I like them, but I before pandemic, I don't need them. So this is the case

Uh, for me, it's changed my life, even my vision. Uh, so, uh, it was, like for, like, my own, it was OK, but, uh, for half year, one year, it was terrible. I I was, like, rejecting to sitting, uh, in front of a computer

I want to go out. Uh, there was, like, the problem with the parks in Poland. We can only go to the park to walk

It was, like, so, so different. And this this changed my, uh changed my life that way and changing it all the time because I was, like, working a lot back then and also have the university. I was finishing my engineer degree

So this was the thing that the day which I went to university to be offline, to be in person, to see the people to see the committee, which I will be presenting myself and defending my thesis. Uh, it was like, amazing day, because for the first time in one year, I meet nine people from my, uh, from my university, and I was so happy that I'm on the university. Uh, so this is, like, so borderline because the first day I was, like, so happy that I don't want to I don't need to go there

And after this, uh, after this one year, I was, like, Only want to go there. And this This changed me a lot. Uh, this change, my view, my body, uh, also, I had the covid

So my lungs are a a lot destroyed because, uh, I had, like, the, um x-ray and my doctor said that it's like for like, it look like like a very hard flu that I had, like, very hard flu, but it was covid and I have to recover for for covid. Um, I have it, like, one a year ago. And for like, three to half year after that, I have to practise a lot because I lose my condition

I cannot run. How? I was like running. I can do a lot of exercises

I live on the second floor, so I had, like, difficulties to go to the second floor. Me like I was like, 20 uh, one. Uh, but then I'm running 23

Uh, so from 21 to 22 I was perfect and covid came. I'm 23. And there is the case that for half year I have to recover what I gained for, like, all my life to to function normally because I had, like, these problems, uh, that I don't have, like, uh, bread when I was walking the some two floors of the stairs

So this this changed my life in a lot. Your your health, As you said, like, Oh, my gosh, Yeah, it's It's a lot of things here, and and So what is your life now? How do you feel how I'm feeling now, Um, I will start from the from this perspective, which I start that, uh, my life is different because, uh, from the university point, Uh, it's like hybrid one that, uh, we had, like, lectures online and, uh, normal classes under 30 people, uh, in the, uh, laboratory or something. Ok, uh, right now it's a little bit, um, again, uh, everything goes online

Um, we had the vaccine. So also, um, this change, Uh, so I was thinking it would be better. My life will come to what I was thinking that it was before, but I see that, uh, could be never be like that how it was before because, um, the mutation, everything

So on. So right now, my life is, uh, based on the hybrid right now, more or less. Uh, today also, I'm, uh, will be on the meeting in my student organisation Best

Um, So, uh, they are meeting in about, uh, in the conference room, uh, in, uh, mode. And I'm, uh, have the friend who will take the phone and, uh, like, give me the call on the zoom. I will, like, see everything and I can approach this meeting also because, uh uh when I have, like the question, I will type to him

He will ask the question if there will be, like a round of the question for somebody or something. So it's possible to be in, uh, Italy have the meeting in Poland, even the hybrid one. So this is my life right now, mostly, and also like, the travel is so so different because you have you have to always have the passport or ID passport

But right now you have to have, like, green pass. Uh, recently I had to take the test when I arrived to Italy, because there is, like, the zone here that we have to take the test. OK, no problem

Uh, but it's like scary because, uh, before that, I never had to think that I cannot go somewhere because I will be sick or something. And I am every my travel. I am scared that I cannot go because the test will be negative

I had the had the positive results, uh, or something else. And it could ruin my plans for one week, Two weeks? Uh, health, health, like month or whatever. Depend on, uh, if I will be sick or if I had a quarantine, uh, and so on

So my life is more scared right now. I'm more scared about doing anything. I have to think twice or third time if I want to do something

If the risk is worth the reward, I think always. But it's more, more and more thinking about everything about checking everything, analysing all the data, all the information you have to be up to date with everything. You cannot be late with something because there could be like some rules, new rules, new restriction

Everything is changing so rapidly that I was in Georgia in the December and I was like coming on the Fourth of December to Poland and on the 15th, if I will come back, I would have like two weeks of quarantine because there was, like new restriction. So it's changed my life a lot. It's changing it right now, and it will be changing it, I think, for the rest of my life because, uh, this will be, I think never over

And it will be like, this is our reality, which we have to live. And this is I think, my conclusion. Thank you a lot to To giving your time and your input

Thanks. Thank you very much.

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