• What does money mean to you?

A person tells us what money means to them.

fabulous. Hello. Thank you very much for taking the time to spend a couple of short minutes with me today. Uh, I just wanted to ask you one question

What does money mean to you? Oh, OK. You didn't tell me it was gonna be that, um, ok from wearing my hat as a community centre person. Um, money is really important in an area that doesn't have much money

I would say it has a real impact on people's lives when they're struggling for money. The first thing that goes is are all the activities that they would do for their mental and physical health because they're the extra things that they they can see that they can cut back on even though actually, they're massively important. Um, as a from a working in a community centre

It's all about people. And it's all about people coming together. And when they're struggling for money, if we can support them, even if it's just providing somewhere to come for a cup of tea and to meet other people, that's important

Um, I think it's really hard. It is just hard in this area in South Birmingham. Here, the people are There are a lot of people who are really struggling right now

Cost of living crisis has really has really brought that, you know, the the topic of money to the forefront. So, um yeah, I would just go please fund help fund places like our community centre that help to bring people together. Because if they're if people's mental and physical and spiritual well-being is good, then they're less likely to be a burden on the NHS or any other you know any other support system

So it's in a way, it's prevention. Is that right? Absolutely. I from what I saw there, if you could bottle it up, well, you you'd be You'd have a product that was worth a billion dollars, wouldn't you? If you could bottle And it is, it's to do with that feel good factor

It's people coming in and just being feeling like they're comfortable being part of a group belonging and making friendships and they support each other. Um, the people around here are really they are really supportive. They're lovely people

They've got a lot of a lot to give except money. So yeah, and is there anything else at all? that you'd like to add? Um I don't know, I. I can't think off the top of my head

Probably loads and loads of things. Yes, I'll go home tonight and I'll be like, Oh, I should have said that. I should have said that, but yeah, it's Yeah

OK, thank you very much. You're welcome. Thank you

That's all right..

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