This resident was asked 'what does community mean to you?'.

OK, so what can you tell me what community means to you? Yes. Uh, community means a lot of different things. I think I've lived in a lot of different places, and I suppose it comes back to helping people and people helping you. I suppose it's about the people rather than the place or the environment

It's about the people in that place and what they do to help and support each other. Can you give examples of kind of what would be good help in? Um, I suppose a recent example for Doncaster would be when the floods happened and communities really pulled together to, um provide for people who lost their homes or to provide, um, in the longer term, helping people out with replacing things they'd lost in the floods and to help them with the clean up. Um and I think from that it's moved on

It's sort of formed community groups in those areas. So community groups as well, would you say that's a a good thing for the what makes a community. That's a good thing

Yeah, definitely. I think, um, community groups have have helped a lot of people, and through my work. I see that first hand how much of an important place it can be for people to be able to go to a warm place, a place where they can get food, a place where they can get support for their, um, crisis, whether that's a mental health crisis or if they've run out of money

If it's something practical, they need food, or they just want to sit and have a cup of tea and chat with the friends. So is, is there anything else that would make it if you had, like, an ideal picture in your head of a of what community should look like? Anything else you think it should have, not necessarily what you've seen, but for my own personal preference. It would have access to green and blue spaces

It would have access for people to be able to, you know, embrace the outdoors to to help with their wellness. That would be in the ideal world, which is difficult sometimes in an urban landscape. So the barriers to having a good community would be how urban or kind of built up it is, that it could be for me personally

I would say I would find it. I've I've found community easier when I've lived in places that I have been able to access those places because they're things I like. That might not be the same for somebody who's always, you know, who's grown up in a city, and that's all they know

And they're not worried about accessing those places. So that's just my personal preference, Thank you.


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