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A storyteller talks about their involvement with the Mental Health Museum and their experience volunteering as part of the Oral Histories Project.

Keith Hardcastle and your volunteer impatient research. Yes, I remember a research involvement rules and still that I was involved with the mental health beauty and Jane, one of our meetings and asking volunteers to whatever interest developing. And that was back in. I think it was 2004

Do you mind that occurred? What's been your involvement in field Head Hospital? Variously, actually, Just before the band down here, we put a display stand together. Which one? I'm gonna go went to learning development with a timeline. Um, I did

And also our objective and what we would have to be soft and well when the games are displaying. And just to see what kind of reaction we got from people looking at the stuff that people used to have to bear in the old standard ride hospital. Um, it's been a block to say it's been an adventure to research the timeline, which took me a full day to research everything that we needed to look for specific dates of what event happened, uh, and to act to get it up on display

It's been a real good as bench. I've I've enjoyed my time. Uh, working in mental health Museum to employ projects of whatever needed to be done

And what what is field had hospital like, To be honest, I don't know if I've never been in it. Um, the first time I ever come to feel dead was when the research involves move meetings from Folly Hall to to feel that hospital and I've never been in a third of it. Um, but I've never actually been to wait and well, and I don't know When I first came here, I thought, you know, that's a rare patient

Oh, yeah. I've got to be it with a big I'm marking up with him uninspiring. They said that walking between meetings where the world such violent patients being held, that then when I started reading and I thought, Well, no, but I'm going to get to work because of the defences and everything else, so I thought a lot safer

And that's in Newton Lodge. How does Newton lodge the medium secure compared to the rest? But as I said that the high fences and the campus open everywhere actually a safer place to for people to come and have a look around. Um do things

There's a hands on displays. There's a father tells us, But I mean, I would think that better sell. And even though the door wasn't shut after coming back out so well, I really got close to four of it

And I thought, How can anybody be put in there for the length of time and not feel claustrophobic? I mean, some of the instruments that's on display around about I'm thinking, I'm glad I went down. And then when they have to be used, like lockable boats and stuff like that, the straitjacket, you know, you look everything. Yeah, I like

I mean, it's been a it's been an A on that has been an inspiring journey and one that I'm glad I've made and I have the opportunity Jamaica and I would advise anybody to come and yourself. A look at the Mental Health Museum.

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