A storyteller speaks about their journey with mental health as part of the Oral Histories Project.

Hi. So what's your journey been like when it comes to your mental health? So my journey has been a bit of a lucky one, really? A couple years ago I run my own business, and I found that it really affected. My mental health was quite depressed for an awful lot of reasons, but it just got too much for me. And so I decided that I needed to put my mental health first, so I no longer have my own business, but I work for which is an independent mental health charity

I wanted to make a change in my eyes and do something positive that gave back a better impact in the worlds and just being miserable with my own business. I'm currently training to become. So what was it like making that change? It was difficult

It was really difficult for a lot of times when I was making mistakes. I'm very involved in, like a big life changes. Quite a lot of money invested in the business

What on earth are you doing with? My life was going to pay my bills. It was very difficult, but it got to the point where I just couldn't do it anymore. I was so unhappy that I had to make a change in the ways I don't know what


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