Someone sharing their personal journey with mental health from childhood anxiety to adult psychosis as part of the Oral Histories Project

All right, this is Nancy recording for us to, uh, ask what age we When did you first start noticing your problems? Your mental half. Oh, God, Thinking about 14 or 15. I know that when I was at school, I was suffering from a lot of anxiety. And, um, was not the usual child that people expected you to be when you were at school

You know what I mean? Uh, even though I was on toxic for Mass in English. But it wasn't until I got older when it went when it was because I was a chef for about five or six years, I was in cash, allowing for about 56 years. So when I was doing when I was shifting, it were heavily into the drug scene

So I was doing quite a lot of drugs, and I was going down to Manchester and do not get you down there. And it's sort of all sort of blow out proportion. And that's the thing is when you when you sort of psychotic, you tend to lose insight into what when you're getting actually poorly, You know what I mean? So what I thought was happening to me was actually happening to everybody else

And it wasn't that it wasn't. It didn't blow up until I actually came back from two years at university. I needed two years at university

I was at Someone came back and actually fault was a spirit Jesus Christ reincarnated and went around blessing people around brig elsewhere in the hand on people's heads and stuff and all this. And it was only then that my mom sort of clicked on that there was something up and tried to get me help. But she rang the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist came out with a new injection of Monica

Well, the CPN came out of the injection of Monica. Well, psychiatrist actually seem so. I just told him to go away, and I said, There's nothing wrong with then, Yeah, I ended up going to see a private psychiatrist in the all around, and they put me on Stella scene and it was a tablet, something that my mom, my mom, gave me a packet of cigarettes and said, You don't have a faggot said, Yeah, we'll take this tablet

So I took the tablet and then took them for about three or four days and then, um came off the tablets, start getting poorly again and decided in their wisdom to attack them over. So I went upstairs and got a knife and tried to attack her. I couldn't get into the dogs a lot self inside the door

So I went back downstairs, managed to get a hammer and said, Right, I'll take out on the couch or smashed the car to bits. The next thing I remember was being on the ward second, and that's where it all sort of started getting started. Very confusing time where it's, like, blacked out a lot

But I remember coming around on the war, basically feeling better around the world. You know what I mean? I've had two or three episodes since, um, abouts paranoia. A bounce of anxiety

Uh, but this has all been going on for 20 odd years. I've been in the system 20 odd years now. It's been going on at one time, and I've been with mental health services for 20 odd years

I've been in the mental health thing for about 20 odd years. Um, but look alike, touch wood. I'm quite stable

I'm doing okay. So and their partners, very helpful. She else's are okay


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