• Storyteller1 Salaam

This storyteller shares they were able to make lots of friends and find work in the UK and are thankful for the help they have received from the government.

Hello. How has been your experience living in the UK? Uh uh uh, First of all, I'm from Turkey. And, uh, before I ca me to UK Um uh I was, uh, working IN African countries and some of, uh, political issues. We cannot go to Turkey, and we ca me here

And, uh, we, uh, apply for asylum seeker. And now we get the refugee status. And, um, the main purpose we came here is not just, um, get a better, uh, situation better, uh, options for work or life

But, uh um, our main, uh, pro I is we cannot go back turkey. And we, uh, we were looking for the free country. So, uh, and we've we cannot We cannot go back turkey because there was some, uh, problems

That's why we ca me here. And we appreciate what the UK government, uh, gave US. Uh, firstly, uh, they gave USA mm

Two option. Um, L live like freedom. So, uh, thank you, uh, for that one

And, uh, yeah, we have a good, uh, friends. Uh, I got job and I'm working. Yeah, Thanks for all the time

Brilliant. Thank you for your time. Um, let me turn off


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