Many years ago, this storyteller wanted to view the outside world of China mainland and immigrated to Manchester to meet her husband. She left her hometown and country and came to Britain at 28 years old, for the journey ahead of her.

The challenge she experienced was the language barrier, it is difficult with her Chinese style accent and thinking to communication with people that spoke English, that is the west culture and custom and also how to be independent to settle down in England. In the beginning it was difficult but she kept a positive attitude and actions.

She used to be an accountant, she tried studying hard to get the qualification and won the work experience and did a related job.

The British culture is about freedom and having multiple choices such as women rights, the equal rights, the vote rights, children have benefits and a free and good education.

She is grateful that she has a 15 years old son, a happy family and works for welfare rights at Salford council. She would like to help and do some charity work and enjoys life in UK. 


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