A storyteller answers the question - 'What positive things have come out of the pandemic?' as part of the Oral Histories project with the Mental Health Museum

what positive things have come out of this pandemic. Well, um, I I've learned to use that horrible stuff, like, zoom a lot better and I So I'm communicating. Not only with, like, kind of work type things, but my sisters and my my kids, we've been communicating like that. And, um, my daughter, um, has had AAA WhatsApp group

So she's been sending us a photograph almost every day of what's been going on with the kids. So really, we've We've had more, um, contact than we would otherwise have had, Like before the pandemic. We go over and see them every couple of weeks, but not have much contact in between

But now she's using this WhatsApp group. We actually get to see the kids every every day or two. They do a photograph and send it over and tell us what's going on

That's been really good. Um, I I got a lot of work done in the garden in the early days. You know, when we weren't allowed to go out much at all, I did that

Um the disadvantage I found now is I got lot involved in lots of groups online during the pandemic. And now we're going back to meeting people in real life like this. I'm funny

I haven't got enough time. I I I I don't know which groups to go to. Whether I should be helping the people like online or whether I should be going to the real groups


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