Ann was talking about volunteering for the church 

Hi. Um, I'm Trish. Hello, Trish. Hey, um, can I just ask you a few questions about ta ta ta? That'd be great

Yeah. How long have you lived in? Oh, in I've lived at over 40 years. All right

Do you like the area that you live in? Uh, yeah. And we moved into the area, and I've never moved house since we move in there. Oh, that's good

Um what, um, what things do you like about? Yeah, Yeah. Um, I like the neighbours. I like the situation

It's close to local shops and, uh, the big shopping centres, et cetera. It's easy to travel anywhere, sort of thing from because it's right by the A 45 and the motorway sections, et cetera. So, yeah, and it's all my family are sort of based in Coventry, so Yeah, right

That's nice. It's not far to get to anybody. Yeah, All right

Um, can I ask you what? Your volunteering work that you do? Yes. Yeah, yeah. What? What do you do? I do, uh, volunteering at W Hospice

Uh, two days a week. And I do volunteering now at the church at the Lady of Assumption. church

All right, I do the lunch club. Yeah. Do you like doing that? Uh, yes

It's very entertaining, meeting all the people there, and it's lovely. Yeah. Oh, that's nice

Yeah. Um, and I believe you play a keyboard at the church as well. Uh, yes

Um, I used to play the organ for work in men's clubs and backing singers and artists, and, uh, then it just all stopped. Um, because, uh, went through a big thing where people preferred to listen to, like DJ S rather than live music. And, uh, So I stopped then and then, uh, Michelle asked me if I would, uh, just play for one of the masses

And it seems that I haven't stopped since. Have you met any well known people when you were doing the club circuit? Yeah, yeah, they were the older type of young musicians. I mean, you're talking like, uh, Wayne Fontana and the vendors and the searches when they were still going and all those

Yeah, it was really good. Yeah. Oh, very interesting

Yeah, well, thank you very much for your time. Thank you. Thank you

Enjoyed that.

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