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This is one of the interviews on my podcast for the project that I have been working with in Glasgow Scotland Community InfoSource a rights based equalities grassroots Community development organisation set up in Glasgow Scotland 2006. Our vision is a diverse and inclusive Scotland where everyone is supported to contribute and participate in the community. 

I done Eight Episodes for the  by interviewing their services users and staff members and board members. 

They set up questions for me to  ask the participants.  If you think it's a good idea to know how your project does within not the outside  clients.  Contact me for your podcast interviews  my email address nico775nn45@gmail.com 

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Yeah. Hello, everyone is Nicola and the CRS acumen Podcast project. I'm so excited to be here because this is gonna be fantastic. I'm gonna have I'll be talking to some guest today, and I have five questions to ask them, because even myself, I have no idea what CRS does

But those don't know what's the S stand for? Extend for common community info source. Best in class school. So, yes

Please welcome to CRS podcast project High Nickel and thanks for the opportunity. And, uh, first of all, I will probably say that CS is a community lead organisation. A non governmental organisation will walk, uh, with disadvantaged people, uh, disadvantaged communities, I would say

Probably vulnerable people like asylum seekers and refugee to help, uh, to have the integration and to help us Well, protecting the rights that we say but personally for for me, yes, is, I would say, uh, act. It's a lot of extending my love. You know, it's a friendship

Kindness, you know, And, uh, I would say it's the kindness, uh, towards over, but in the very, very unconditional way, because I would say, uh, I cannot say yes. I would say probably, uh, it's a conscious act, but the decision is made by the heart, you know, without expecting something in return. So this is how I can really, really describe Syria's to someone who probably don't know

Yes. And the series go, Uh, the work on three different project. Yeah, she s work on three different project

This is probably what I will say to the past one. So the first one is challenging violence against women. Very good project

And, uh, women and asylum seeker housing. So and the third one are really, really, really, uh, take part of his well being project. Okay, let's move to question number two

How would you describe what a charity or non government organisation NGO is to someone who did not know about the idea, I would say the n g o. Is, uh, I would say, uh is an organism independent organisation from government control. Technically, the way they operate on a non profit level, and sometimes sometimes they rely the rely on government funds by its now, if they're not completely, uh, they're completely independent from government council

It's, uh, this is this is what I can't really say on the they they seek. They seek to advance some, uh, some public benefits, like working with disadvantaged group general people in the community and, uh, in probably in areas like education, poverty, diversity, religion and sometimes over activities serving the public interest or common. Good

Uh, that's probably the best definition I can can probably put an end, use great explanation there, and I'm learning as well as we go during this podcast. So I'm gonna move on to question number three. How do you feel? Or what impression did you get the first time you came into C

I s Wow. So, yeah, up to now. So a very good impression

Respect respective Have a very big consideration for their work to find a place I find a place. Absolutely. Uh, welcome me and I feel like, back home, you know, and, uh, I work a lot in the in the NGO NGO, uh, charities organisation, and, uh, I felt really, really, really welcome

And, uh, happy to work with with, you know, we see our stuff there so friendly. They're so lovely. They are So they're so kind of, you know, and the trade people, like, you know, from themselves like their self, you know? No, no barriers

And, uh, I really I really like the place. And I feel I feel absolutely happy there. Okay, let's move on to question number four

What do you find helpful or welcoming at C. I s. And what do you find? Unhelpful or difficult? Okay, well, really difficult and helpful

I don't know how often. Very, very helpful is the fact that, you know, they put everybody in the same level. There is no Oh, no

You know, they give you that. They put in the situation where you trust yourself, trust you. So that is that is the connection that is, You know, the conversation that is, You know, uh, that is things

And, you know, you go, you go. The freedom of saying things, putting things forward, you know, they always ask your point of view. So I really appreciate that

And I really, really valued as well, you know, I just started. I just started volunteering for C. I s no longer ago, but I feel like, you know, I've been there for years and years and years, and I appreciate I appreciate the help they gave me, you know, and I appreciate they appreciate my work

You know, this is very, very important. At least you work with people, professional people. They know they appreciate what you're doing, you know, and they're happy to have their happy to support

And I love that. Yeah. Myself enjoying talking to you, man

And this is really great. And hearing all these positive things about C. I s and everything, but I was wondering, is any opportunities for volunteers like yourself to actually enable you for training courses as well? Not only remain as a volunteer or asylum circle refugee

What is your expectations on this project? There's a lot. There is a law I've been through. I've been through already

I've been through about maybe three trainings, you know? And that brought a lot of input on my and we went through yesterday. We went through, uh, project how to behave, how to control how to control ourselves according to someone behaviour, you know, and I went through, I went through as well. The project called, uh, did the first aid training with them, you know, and our complete our recently completed as well the the the working the working leader training, you know? So there's a lot of opportunities for people to help, you know, for people to really want to contribute for people that they want to, they want to have values on the city's or that kind of thing of people that they really want to

You know, uh, participate to probably helping the other people. The Golden Knights. The coroner's programme there called Bee Friendly

The friendly is like, you know, you get training and, uh and you're gonna be you're gonna be You're gonna be in touch with someone who's probably new to Glasgow, for example, whose news is probably asylum seeker or refugee. It doesn't know you know how the system works. So you're gonna be in touch with the person and helping the person through all these difficulties or that kind of thing

I think this is a This is a very good project, you know, because they yeah, they him behind all this is, you know, to to to work together, to put the community together so we can you know, we can We can address some, uh, some some problems or challenges. Great. We're moving to question number five anything

Would you like the C I s staff and volunteers to know about you? Such as interest, strength, achievement, fear, even that people listen to podcasts. What do we lack them to know about it? Yes, interest is, um, like I got time. I got I got enough time to, you know, to give them

So that's something. That's something I want them to know. And, uh, the other thing is wish

Wish we share the same. The same. The same view, the same

The same aim. Helping people. Yeah, a lot of that

And a lot of the way. A lot of the way. I love the way you know, the they put things, you know, they want to help

And this is where our like most, you know, and they are committed. These people are really, really committed. They're not expecting anything back, you know? And, uh, what was the other one again? What was? The other question is anytime

Skull, How long you should volunteer, uh, with C i s You always go. I think at this stage, you don't have you go that opportunity to withdraw any time. If you think that you need some time for yourself, and you really want to withdraw? I think you've got the opportunity

And this If you want to make if you want to be there for one day, if you want just to volunteer for two for five minutes, 10 minutes you go, You go. You go. You also go the opportunity, you know, And, uh, I think putting putting every putting every every skills every every time together that will probably make a big change to the organisation

People are people are really trying, you know, to give time to give the knowledge to give, uh, to put the experience, uh, you know, into the balance to try, you know, to achieve, to achieve something. So coming to see s and volunteering for CS brought me a lot of a lot of a lot of skills, like communication skills. Like, uh, I say, I will say, I will say, for example, strength, You know, I would say probably a big friend over there as well, you know, I gotta I gotta Confidence as well, you know

So I feel I feel, you know, I feel proud of myself, You know, helping people in the community, helping appears. You know, this is this is a great achievement, and I could have probably been able to to maybe to achieve the FCS wasn't, uh, wasn't wasn't there to help me, you know, help me. And that's my way to, you know, to pay their back to the community

Okay. Now, before I go, I'm just gonna say thank you so much again for joining me on the podcast. I just want to know your last opinion on this

What's your opinion about the CRS project podcast? Yeah, I think it's a very good opportunity to spread the message to the whole community. So by me, you know, expressing myself, You being the interviewer, you know, taking putting the question forward. Me trying to explain what's happened with these charity

This organisation, especially C I s I think it's a very good idea. Is so and that the community realised that there is a There is a charity that is a n g O. S out there

They are there for the community. They are there to help. And they are really, really genuine

So often creates you, Niko, carry on with your project. I think it's a very very good project and I thank you very much for the opportunity on the behalf as well, CS. Thank you


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