Ryan’s story about accessing healthcare in the Black Country. 

Hi there. Would you mind telling us a little bit about your experiences of accessing healthcare in the black country? So I access health healthcare, like the G, the GP and the Dent. Dentist. So when I go into the GP, I have a so a nurse

So I have a learning disability nurse at my GP that actually sees me, and that actually does all my health checks. Um, because I'm on the learning disability, uh, health board. So, um, she does all my health checks and everything when I go to the dentist, Um, the dentist I get I don't have a like a specialised person that I see

So I get quite nervous whenever I go to the dentist. So when you see the nurse at your doctor's and it's the same person, how why is that important to you? Because it helps me relax, and I'm calm, and I know who she is. And I know what she explains, what she's gonna do and everything

Have you got a particularly good experience? You wanna talk about, uh I'd just like to pray. I'd just like to, like, obviously say that, uh, my GPS and nurses are absolutely amazing with me. Uh, have you had any bad experiences when you access healthcare? Um, no

Uh, apart from going to the dentist, obviously like that. My worst one. because I don't have show in D Sha Sha Sha like, Yeah, OK, so tell me about when you have vaccinations

What is your experience like, then? Um, when I've had my private jobs like, it's been fine, like and like, the last time that I went for the last one that I went for was I had this lovely lady and she spoke about I had, um my lanyard on. So she spoke about me, Like, looked at all the animals And what the mum put it in my arm. So it was like having that conversation fab

So she did things to make you feel comfortable. Was there anything else that made you feel comfortable while you were there? Um, no, not really. No, no, it was just that

So what about if you have to go to hospital? Have you had any experiences that you want to share having to go to hospital? So we're not we The last time I had to go to A&E was when I broke my arm. Ok, um so again, I've not really had good experiences there. Um So when I broke my arm, I completely refused to have a cast or a sling on my arm

So I've not really had any good experiences, but it's OK to tell us about any bad experiences. So what happened when you arrived then when you broke your arm? What? What? What was the situation? So, um, I was in A&E for quite a while. Um, and then I saw a doctor, and he then checked all my arm out, and he says, Yeah, you need an X ray

So I went, I went for the x-ray. And then, uh, I said, uh, I, uh how the Alar fracture in my arm arm. OK, so and tell me about how you're feeling when all that was happening

Quite anxious, OK? Because you're annoyed to be told I've broken it. So, like, you know, OK. And so then what happened next? When they'd they'd done that

Um was I should do I need a cast on my arm or a string completely. Just completely with you, OK? And what happened then or then you just went home and know it healed itself. OK, so from that experience, is there anything that anybody could have done to make it a better experience for you? I think what they could have done is just as well

It's up to you if you want either a cast or sling OK, instead of just going bang and you do that. OK, OK, fabulous. Thank you

Any other experiences? Do you have to collect medication or anything like that? No, no, no. OK. Anything else you can think of that you'd wanna share about health care in in your area? Um, yeah, I just think, you know, I think they need to, like, understand people more

OK, look at look at the hospital passport more. OK, what's a hospital passport? So a hospital passport is a communication data. So it's got everything in about the person and about what they need when they are in hospital or wherever they're going

So it's about just having that conversation with that person. So do you have a hospital passport? Do you use that? Um, I haven't yet, but I am in your room, ok? And who who writes the hospital passports. Um, Mary

OK, so if you weren't able to do it yourself, would you have people to support you? Yeah, OK. All right. And what kind of things are in your hospital Passport then? So, like, if I if I have ST, uh, struggle to swallow or breathe or all my medication or the way that I need things that explain to me OK, so it's about reasonable adjustments

Yeah, OK, Fab. Anything else you want to share? Thank you so much for your time. Thank you


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