The Harrow Club Bookstall

The Harrow Club

On a sunny morning in April a group of enthusiastic young people are waving a collecting tin and operating a market stall. Yet however are not receiving commission to collect for charity nor receiving any sort of financial reward, their enthusiasm and commitment are a product of The Harrow Club, the organisation for which they are collecting money.

Eamonn O'Keeffe, Senior Youth Worker at the Harrow Club explained that the stall was not just about raising funds but developing skills from salesmanship to money management. With experience in the retail sector himself Eamonn was passionate about passing on his skills to the young people attending the club. He explained how the club was “seeking to empower young people, to improve their lives to try new things and provide new opportunities and improve their prospects.” Having been donated some books they had come up with the idea of the stall to sell the books to raise funds and raise awareness of the club. Shamera, one of the young sales team, explained that she wanted to explain to people how important the club was for local young people.

At a time when youth services are being cut across the country it is vital to support the work of organizations like The Harrow Club

More information about The Harrow Club can be found at


Hi Stan, 

Thanks for the reminder to help our youth of the community in any ways we can. 

I know the Harrow Club W10 and many a class or skill I have developed while going there.  

I'd try and remember to share the works that are happening there and help invest in our young people in light of the (this) government's cuts, cuts and more cuts.

Wonder R

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