A Community Reporter shares their experience with mental health describing it as a 'rollercoaster' journey as part of the Oral Histories Project

Yeah, OK. Would you like to tell me a little bit about your mental health journey? Yes, in my mental health is a real taste, like a lot of people's when we've had struggled in our past challenges that trigger domino health, I think growing up, I didn't realise how much my lived experience was having an impact and taking its toll on my mental health. And eventually this came out with the disorders and self harming and negative coping mechanisms, probably for most of my life until my early twenties. And it really did, and she in my life

But then at the same time having a number of great towns being very poorly in hospital. And it really did change my life when I had Children and I realised that I wanted to keep that care for them as well. And that did me because I have kids

Then all my problem was wet, and I remember one of my worst episodes of psychics. This was when I had a child and was pregnant, and that's when things got really bad. But then, sometimes I think life is like the sparkle full of light and shade, and so what had really dark

It's often been the large part for a lot of creativity. And so I started writing blogging, blogging about my mental health and was able to connect with a lot of people. And that gave me a real sense of that because I didn't just become safe in a mental health patient of Sofitel with psychosis

So I I even called myself a psychic. Obviously, when I was having episodes and police nations, I didn't realise they weren't real. They so hard to say that because it's still kind of it was so real

And but then that actually became a bit of my calling you to use my work. I was doing in journalism to actually share my own story, the story of other people. And I think by kind of unveiling my own mask in enabled a lot of people who thought I left this live to see that things aren't always perfect and that my hashtag is perfectly important

And that's why I embrace life like today. So I still use medication. But they got kept the search, describing a dance

Do you go after I I still have my own battles and challenges bolt a lot better with that now in a positive way and a lot more resilient. It doesn't mean we don't get down, but it's how we get up again. And that's now kind of how I case

And I'm quite grateful for my health problems in a way because I didn't think I could have done all the things I've done creatively without that extra way. Thinking that extra and empathic brain amazing, thank you.

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