• Living in Tile Hill

Community reporting audio with Lianne discussing what it’s like to live in Tile Hill with a young family

Hi. This is Agnes here, doing community reporting. I'm here with Leanne. Hi, Leanne

Um, I would like just to ask you a few questions and see if you mind telling me about what it is like to live in Tar Hill, please. Yeah, no problem. What are your experiences of living in Tyle Hill? In all fairness, we've lived here for probably about 5

5 years. And actually, where we live is a is a nice area. I like the block that we're on, but literally around the corner

You hit Jardine. And to be fair, it's not the safest area. I wouldn't actually let my Children walk down there

And I've got a 13 year old, so I'm a little bit wary about letting her go around that area. Yeah. No, that absolutely makes sense

What could be done to make parents feel safer to let Children walk around Tar Hill or the near near area? I think more visibility of what is happening around the area. There's a lot of not homelessness, but drug use that happens. I think there should be more

There should be more police or, you know, security around the area. Yes, absolutely. I completely understand if there was extra funding happening in the area, what could be done for Children that you've got around the age? Like you said, You've got a daughter who's 13, what could be happening around the area that might give them something to do or, you know, make things safer for them

I think like when we were kids, we have community centres where we would do I know it sounds really old school, but like roller skating in or, you know, places where Children of the same age could hang out, there isn't anything. The only real thing there is to do is to hang around the streets. And obviously that's actually quite a worrying thing, especially for a 13 year old girl

If there was somewhere where she could go with her friends and feel safe and there'd be fun activities to do, that would be brilliant. But there just doesn't seem to be anything like that around absolutely no. So the focus would be on getting more community groups or youth clubs or something like that together in the area

Absolutely otherwise, they're just walking the streets and then you know, just even just down by the shops. You've got homeless people. You've got drug users that are approaching the kids, and it just it's just a really unsafe environment, especially for Children like my daughter, who actually, you know, she doesn't like to be approached by just anybody

So, you know, that's actually quite a bit of a scary experience for her. No, definitely. No, that's great

Thank you so much for your time, Leanne. And thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


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