A storyteller tells us what it's like to live in Carlisle in Cumbria, UK.

Can you tell me about your experience of growing up in Carlisle? And Yeah, I grew up on a farm just on the outskirts of car, while so it was very much helping on day to day farm in life, which is difficult when the weather is horrible, but in the summer months is absolutely blissful. Being able to just run across fields and help care for the animals. It was a lovely where to, um, to grow up really being part of a small village. It was a great community field with everybody knowing everybody

And then later on, we moved back into Central Carlyle, which was quite a shift to move away from the country and into the city game. But yeah, I do. Look at there

It is a very nice place to live. If you had to choose, would you choose between living in South Central Carlisle in the city, or would you rather be on the farm like would you ever return to farm? I'd love to. I'd love to have a small holding or at least live further out into the country

At the moment, we're kind of living just on the outskirts, so we get the best of both worlds. It's not too long a walk to walk into the town centre, but not that far with 40 minutes from the lake district as well. So we can get into the lakes and go and hiking

Yeah, so do you like hiking and going into the lakes and being active and things like that? Yeah, just like being out in nature, I think just I like being lakeside and more along The Woodlands and then hiking some of the big hills and the lakes. But, yeah, it's just nice to be within that nature. And how do your family feel about being in nature to do sort of doing things together and what we do? But I've got two teenagers, so it's more about dragging them out once they're there, they'll love it and they get really involved

But it's getting them out of the bedrooms in the first place. That's normally the tricky thing. It's the lure of playing on the PlayStation and been warm and just hooked up at home

Seems nice, but yeah, once they're out and about the love it have, they had much experience of farm life. No No, they never The farmer had gone by the time they grew up, and I don't think they really like to pitch in, but yeah, it would be nice to have some a small holding that they could look after animals and things on. We have an allotment at home as well and try to get them down to help on the allotment

Makes a big difference seeing where your food comes from. Yeah, what kind of things do you grow in the a lot? Um, probably very basic things. Indians, potatoes, Um, really bad at growing brassicas

They get eaten totally by all the beasties. So, yeah, we have quite a few fruit trees there and lots of strawberries, so they mostly like to go and just pick the strawberries. Need them before they even get them home

So is it just an allotment with your family, or is it a shared? No, it's well, it's a council owned allotment, so there's there's about 40 different allotments and other sites, so it's a nice community feel to them, but it's very inner city allotment, so it's just behind the main estate. But it's nice to have that little space that you can have your own. Yeah

And did you say that you like to use the stuff that you grow their? Yeah, we do. We try and use it all up. Sometimes you end up with a huge glut of stuff and then the allotment

People share it between themselves. So yeah, you do tend to have, like, 30 cucumbers and go at once or cause. It's a well known for being very beautiful

So do you enjoy cooking? And I do like cooking. But I think my husband enjoys cooking more than I think. I prefer the growing and getting the vegetables like baking more

So maybe baking all the fruit into crumbles and things like that. Do you like the great British vehicles? I do. I do

But I must say I'm disappointed, disappointed by this year's because they're going further and further away from Actually, bacon. There was a lot of very strange things that they're making on there at the moment. Do you have a favourite to win? Oh, no, I can never remember all of the contestants names

There's quite there's a lot of really good bakers in this year's Yeah, yeah, I would agree it's gonna stop.

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