Lisa tells us about how hard it was when she first arrived in the UK as her English language proficiency was very low. She studied very hard to learn it and attended college and then university. She described her job looking after patients at a NHS hospital. She used to work at a care home but didn't get on with the staff so she changed her job to current hospital. She enjoys working now as the staff team is very supportive and help each other out. 

When asked what the difference is since coming to UK, she replied her ability to communicate with strangers. She was very shy before and learnt communication skill here. She now even talk to strangers whilst walking her dog and can communicate well with patients' families

Hello, Lisa. Good afternoon. I'm going to ask you a few questions. And first of all, what is your life like now that you're settled in the UK? Well, uh, my now I will say I'm enjoying here very much

So I got I got used to here. I treated here, treated here like my home now. But at the beginning, when I first come here, I feel struggled because I speak a little English

So now, as I studied, I never stop study. So never stop studying. I went to college and the university

Now I got a regular job working in the NHS hospital. I enjoyed my work pretty much well. What sort of things do you do now? Is the nurse I, uh you might what? Morals? Uh, in the morning

I mean, she will hand over, Then I go inpatient medication and take a patient observation and assess the patient, then discharge of a mission. Really busy, but really interesting. I enjoy my work very much

What's it like working with all the staff members? I at the beginning, I work with the one care home, so I kind of got to get on with them. Uh, but now my current hospital, the stuff is a more international. I enjoyed very much like a small family

We look after each other, so the people taking care. So I I like my colleague very much, so we got everybody got a relationship very friendly. So that's why I drive drive a travelling 30 minutes

I come here, so because I like my colleague very much enjoy working with them. So what is it that you enjoy working with them? We saw we support each other Sometimes we're joking. Each other is personally

During the break time, we talked to family Children and doing the work. We support each other if we got somewhere. Uh, before I busy my colleague, I would come here and help me before I free

I help them. So that's why I enjoy working here. Would you like to tell us a bit more about your family? Well, I got a husband and son here

My son is a study in a university. My husband and now he's retired, enjoy his retired retired life. We often go out, have a meal, and, uh, on the weekend, the my son come here

We have a meal together. So we warm family. How would it have been different if you didn't come to the UK? Oh, I think is a big different

Uh, when I my country, uh, I'm already shy. I'm not a good to talk to. Strange

But when I in England, I learned in the university I learned that the communication skill. Now I can't get on with the people before I couldn't get on with people because I'm not talking to them now. It wasn't strange

For example, when I walk my dog, I can talk to Strange. Sometimes I'm really surprised. It's not of my personality

Now I meet a lot of people. They know me. So also in hospital, a lot of doctor nurses, the video pharmacies, I always talk to them

But they changed my life literally. There's a communication skill I learned. Okay

Thank you very much, Lisa, for talking to us today. Thank you.


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