Laura shares her experience of volunteering and why she does it. 

What do you like about volunteering? What I like about volunteering is that I'm giving my time and my energy, my labour to people who I know that really need it, who don't really have the resources to do it otherwise, who are just really looking to get people involved for really good causes and for things that I care about as well. Which is why also, I volunteer for causes that personally affect me or that affect people that I know. Um and I really just I enjoy volunteering because of that and because I know that I'm doing things that would are better off because of my time because of of my labour. And that's the reason and why, why I like it

And what has been your favourite thing that you've done volunteer favourite things that I've done volunteering was probably see the difference that I've made. Um, even if it was like a really small thing, um, just some people that wouldn't get that I wouldn't be interacting with if it weren't for the volunteering project that I participated in and seeing how even a really small interaction or something that would just be really easy and small and practical for me to do, just made a difference and made someone happier and really like me their day. So those are some of the things


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