Katy talks about her experience as a volunteer and why she volunteers.

OK, so I'm here with Katie, who is a volunteer at age UK. Um, hi, Katie. Can you just tell me what the name of your volunteer role is at age UK. Barry, I'm a charity shop worker

Fantastic. Thank you. And can you tell me more about your volunteer role at age UK? Yeah

One day a week, I work in the charity shop in Burry um, I. I mostly work on the till, which frees up the manager and, uh, the other employee here so that they can do more of the executive tasks that things that require real decision making, free them up to take care of stock and things in the back. I'll take care of the customers

It's like it's, you know, just mostly on the till. And, um, why do you volunteer? Honestly, get out of the house, just change a pace and work from home? Um, it's just nice to take a day in the middle of the week. Get out

Um, gives me an excuse to, I don't know, put on a nice clothes or some lippy. I don't know. Just something to do

Get out and meet people. Yeah. Brilliant

Yeah, Thanks. Case. And then finally, um What have you got out of volunteering? Uh, well, it has been It's got me out of the house

It has. I've enjoyed it. I've made some new friends

I get to know people in my I live in the neighbourhood right here within 100 metres in the shop. So I'm getting to know, like the neighbourhood, the people, the other other businesses, the regulars that come through. It's just being more involved in my immediate community

My neighbourhood. I've enjoyed it. It's just Yeah, I've just enjoyed getting out

It's just a just a change. Just a change of pace breaking my week. I just just been just nice

I enjoy it. Thank you very much. Thanks a lot


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