Text from Isaac

Stand in your power by Isaac Samuel's 2023 In Shadows cast by history's weight, we bear the burden silently. We wait, labelled, judged a who our only sin. But we rise above find strength within. They see us through a prism, a lacquer night ignoring struggles hidden from the light

Mental health struggles often unseen, silenced, neglected. In a world so mean yet truth resides in voices so strong and clear in unity, our power will appear. We are not nothing, nor of a shade indispensable in every role we've ever played

In these dark times, oppressive, cold and long will stand together. Singing freedom song for mental health will force a change so true, our strength and resilience will break through medication. A force a system's way to keep us quiet to make us obey

But we will rise above our spirits, unbound in unity and love, our voices resound. It's not just our skin, but it's our hearts and mind. The richness of culture that ties that binds will break

These chains that seek to hold us back with love and unity will stay on track. So stand with pride, your worth embrace and know your more than labels in this world. Ground show Black resilient a force to reconvene together we're strengthening a future yet unseen


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