Community park, youth clubs and dog waste bins.

Hi, Sandra. Thank you very much for agreeing to help me with this interview on Tyle Hill. Um, can I just firstly ask how long have you actually lived in Tyle Hill? Been here about 15 years, I think. Oh, that's brilliant

OK, And, uh, so I can presume that you do like the area in which you live. I know you do. Good

Um, is there anything specific that you like about this area? I like the sense of community. Um, yeah, the the people that live in it. Yeah, So I can think of right now

Have you thought about any, Uh, are there any negatives to living here? Here. We need more bins for dog pooping. We definitely need more bins in the area

There may not be so much dog poop on the floor if there are more bins. OK, there's a very much a shortage of bins. Yeah, because there's quite a lot of people that have dogs around here who have dogs

There's a lot of people who walk dogs and there are very few bins. OK. Oh, that's brilliant

OK, so that's one sort of improvement that you could think of for living in this area. Are there anything else that you could think of? That, Um, I know it's difficult because we don't have any wide open spaces and things, but definitely we could do with something more for for the teenagers, for for the Children, for the youths in the area. I think we'd have less crime if they had things to do a little bit more of a sense of community

You know, if they were getting involved and knew the people in the area, as opposed to I think as it is at the minute, nobody wants them on the doorstep. Nobody wants them hanging around their area. You know, we have a lot of huts and churches and things like that

I think they should be get a little bit more involved in getting the the teenagers, the youths, the Children, more involved in the community, making them feel as though they have a purpose. OK, so if there was some sort of way of getting everything sort of joined together and more communication so that they knew that you know, the I don't know, put in put in, I don't know, open the horse for for them to get together, you know, use some teenage and things they just want They just want to spend some time together, as do we all that you know, Just an area where they can be together. Safe, secure if you want

I know. Put some snooker billions, you know, pool, whatever that they can. Just like a like the old community centres

Like the old youth centres. Yeah, that kind of thing would give them somewhere to go somewhere to be together. And also they would then be involved with maybe members of the of the the community get to know people now, As I said, I think there'd probably be a little bit less crime or whatever in the area

Oh, that sounds a really good idea. OK, um so is it something that you would like to get involved in as well? Yeah. Yeah, I want my time for that

Oh, that would be even better. Ok, um have you ever heard about any of the volunteering things that have been going on in the area in Hill? So you're not aware of anything at all? Yeah. Yeah, So because I don't think, uh, from the people that I I've asked that there are a lot of ways in which people get in touch with each other to hear about these sort of things

So there are volunteer groups for whatever reason. Then if we knew about them, then maybe we would get a little bit more involved. There's no sense of we can have a newsletter or something like that

Come around and tell you what's going on in the area or or what? Not a way of communicating to people. If they're looking for volunteers or something like that, then yeah, that would be good. Sure, there are plenty of people around that could give a few minutes of their time a week for their community

And then maybe we'd go a little bit more back to what we You know how communities used to be when we live in a street where you don't always necessarily know who your neighbour is, two doors down. Whereas years ago you knew who everybody was. There was that sense of community, each looking out for each other as opposed to at the minute

It seems a little bit like looking after number one. Yeah. Oh, that's brilliant

OK, Well, thank you very much for your time. And, uh, I'll let you know about what was happening with this interview later on. Thank you


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