Extra police presence and places for youths to go.

Yeah. Hello there. Um, I just want to ask you a few questions about the local area. Tyle Hill

OK. Is that all right? OK, so how long have you lived in Tyle Hill? 74 years. My goodness

So you were born and bred in Oh, wow. Well, I was born in. Yeah, Yeah

And then Yeah. Then you lived in Hill. And how long have you lived? More or less As one of my neighbours type of thing

Um, six years. 36 years. OK? And have you noticed any changes in the in the area in the street? Not really

Because I was only saying to myself the other day, actually, that this nothing seems to happen. It seems the same as when I first moved in. So I think the answer to that is no

Nothing. Do you find it a friendly area? Yeah. Yeah, and that's probably Is that probably why you've stayed here rather than moved on, you know? Well, I'm not a mover anyway, But if it had been any different, then perhaps I would have moved

But I'm very happy with you how it is. Ah, good. Um I mean, you're happy But is there anything that you can think of that the area could do with to improve it? Um, I don't see many police around

OK, uh, I mean, I was promised to report on any break ins that were going to go on any any crime, actually, from the policeman that knocked on my door Sunday afternoon. Actually, I said, Yeah, I'll be part of that, and I'll give him my phone number. Uh, and absolutely

Oh, right. Ok, ok. All right

So that that was a bit of a downer, but never mind. Um, but is there, So do you think a a better police presence would be good? Yeah. Have you have you noticed? Um, an increase in in crime in the area or no

Yeah, OK, yeah. Apart from in, somebody in the street had their van stolen about a month ago, but yeah, Yeah, OK, well, that's great. And have you heard about, um, like the volunteer groups that are going on for things to do in the area? You know, like, uh, extra sort of facilities to to increase, like lunch clubs, coffee groups, um, sort of get togethers for the spring and summer or anything like that? Yeah

Is that how you get most of your information about what's going on in the area from the Yeah, Yeah, yeah, that's the only reason I buy it. Yeah. Yeah, OK, 1 65 up for much wrong

Yeah, because I think we used to have three papers and you pick up in the supermarket for a month. So that was it. Yeah

So that's something that you'd be interested in more than there's more information in it for a start. OK, OK, so you're open to getting all this information as long as you can get hold of it in in an easy form. Yeah, well, that's lovely

All right, then. Well, thank you very much. And that's all we need to do for today

Thank you. Bye.


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