Denis talks about life in Tile Hill


Thank you ever so much, Dennis for coming in and helping me with this, uh, questionnaire. But, uh, one of the first questions I want to ask is Have you always lived in Hill? Ok, so how long have you lived in since 1985. 0, wow. So that you've got a good knowledge of the area and everything

I mean, do you like the area you live in now? Uh, yeah, I live on to in Torrington Avenue. So it's good. Yeah

Um, yeah. When we first came, we used to live on, uh, just off, um, Mary's parents and, uh, yeah, it's always good, then because the club on, uh, which is, you know, everybody knew everybody went there. Uh, and then also then there's still all the factors were going

Oh, yeah. OK, so you've noticed a lot of changes in the time that you've lived here. I mean, do you still like living where you do Or have you found that now there's quite a few negatives sort of creeping in some areas

I said it might be a bit few negatives, but in the main, it's it's OK in the main You like it Oh, that's good. All right. What improvements would you like to see now in the area that you live in or entire hill sort of thing, I suppose

More community spirit. Right. So it's like, Yeah, because as you say, the club is closed

And, like, the highway club I know is closed and all that sort of thing. So it's the getting together of everybody as their family. So, um, have you seen anything in other areas that you think would work well here in Tar Hill? Um, not really

No, No. OK, then, um, I was just thinking that if we had the funds to improve things or to start things up, Do you have any ideas as to what we could do or where we could Which direction we could go in? Um, I suppose youth clubs. And that would be a good idea to try and get the kids again

Start young. So that so They've got somewhere physical to go on a weekly or or whatever basis. So a youth club would be quite useful

Yeah. Ok. Um, would you be interested in getting involved in setting some of these things up? Not at my age now, but, um, you think that that that would be a good start to get the if it could be done? It's just that the bureaucracy is making it so difficult for these things to to get up and off the ground

Yeah, because it you then get into, like, insurance. And, um, making sure everybody is, um, got the correct credentials in order to teach them or at least be with them. Yeah, you do have to think about those things, but yeah, that's a really good idea

OK, um, did you I mentioned it before, but do you think there are any negatives in Tyle Hill at the moment? Is there something that is that that keeps happening or anything that you've noticed that, but apart from coming to the church, that's That's my if you want. That's my community. That's how you start

And I've never been a pub goer other than going to the clubs, Um, at the moment, now we go to or I normally do go to Mass every Saturday night for the bingo, but that that's that's about it. Yeah, you don't go to the lime tree, then for the right, that's what I was thinking. Yeah, OK, but yeah, that That is brilliant, then

And that sort of is all these questions I really need to ask you Unless you've got anything else that you want to add to it. As I say, it's specifically about Tile Hill And what we could do to improve things for the community and for you, Uh, actually living here, So Yeah, OK, all done. That's brilliant

Thank you very much..

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