Matt's second story of lockdown: Matt talks to Annabel about his frustration at the use of the word "vulnerable" to label people with disabilities.

one point just started recording now. So sorry, Matt. There was something else you wanted to say. Yeah, um, the word vulnerable now, the press, the TV newspapers right across the board have made the word vulnerable

Massive. When it comes to people with disability and covid. And I can guarantee you that there are millions of disabled people out there, including myself, they don't consider themselves as vulnerable

I mean, do I look vulnerable? Not the like. Do you know what I mean is And we need to move away from this work vulnerable because we are vulnerable. Um, so it's about kind

They thought of a different word. Um oh, not not any words at all to be there just well, because we're we're all individuals. We're all Yeah, we're we're just human beings

I mean, are you class as the vulnerable? I know. I don't believe so. Not according to the government anyway

Exactly. So why did they come to disability? They decided to call us one room just because we cannot. We're not mobile or some of us stuggling with our mental health, but that doesn't make you vulnerable

Do you know what I mean? We need to get away from this mindset. And I hate the word for sure. You certainly don't come across as vulnerable

Thank you for letting us know..

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