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Mary reflects on her feelings about a return to 'normal'

‘listening to the news about the vaccine and a financial commentator says, we could all be back to normal with normal consumer levels of spending by next year, and a part  of me felt feelings of regret even though I obviously want this pandemic to be over.  I had to question this regret as it felt odd; I think its this: the pandemic and its effects are bad, terrible and devastating. BUT our reactions as humans has been beyond beautiful at times, our kindness and consideration to others in our community, from getting someone’s shopping in to footballers campaigning against poverty.  In other ways the pandemic has also shown us the inequalities that we are happy to turn away from when life is busy, and pretend aren’t there; its shown that we need to reset our society so that it works for all and not just for few.  So the regret comes from a feeling of missed opportunity if we just blindly go back to life before’ 

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