What's it like to chair a rural community hub? Get a quick insight here

thanks for joining me. Um, can I just ask you how long you've lived in your area? Uh, we've lived in Thirsk for nearly three years. And what do you like about it? Um, I like the community that we've got. I like the facilities that are in the town

Um, I like the access to the local transport link, so there's a train station. Roads are pretty good around here as well. Um, and there's also a real nice community in the some of the pubs and the restaurants, and, uh, some of the organisations that support people in the area as well Brilliant

Thank you very much. And how did you get involved in your project? And that goes back a really long way. So I was, uh, I was a trustee of what was called the clock way back about 15 years ago, Um eventually was asked to become the chairman of the clock

And then in 2020 we completed a merger with First Community Care, uh, and became community works. And as part of that merger, I was asked to be the chairman of it, and I continued to do that to this day. Brilliant

Thank you. And who do you enjoy working with at community works? Um, I really enjoy working with you. The trustees, actually, um some very, uh, diverse people who I would not normally come across

Um, so that's a really it's really good fun talking to those guys and trying to work out the problems that we have and the things that happen, Um, that we then need to resolve a problem for So I think that's always really good. Um, I enjoy meeting the the Volunteers, um, who are supporting our shop, Um, and our beneficiaries as well. So the people who really need us, uh, at the end of the day, that's why we exist

Fantastic. Thank you. And finally, um, over the last month or so, what's been the highlight of that role for you? Oh, that's a really good question

It doesn't have to be recent. It can be further away. But whatever

I think, um, I think I'm really pleased with the fact that community is going to be one of the community anchor organisations. So that means that, uh, there's some faith in the fact that it can be that organisation which can support um, more than we do at the moment and and bring those things together. Um, I'm really pleased that our ordered accounts are actually nearly finished

Cos last year, we were very, very near to the deadline of 31st of January. So I'm pleased that there that's been done a lot in a lot better way. Um, I'm pleased with how our new chief exec, who's just done over a year, is starting to to embed himself into the organisation, start to learn what needs to be done

So those are sort of 33 real good highlights at the moment for the organisation. Wonderful. Thank you so much for your time

Thank you. You're welcome.


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