The storyteller tells of his experience first making friends in the UK.

Hi. Hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Fine, thank you

Okay. How how you feel or how is your experience to make friends? UK, the UK and my experience with making, uh, new friends is very well, I have, uh, uh, every people brands about all find in the u. K

I, uh, more people in the Christchurch er, uh, they, uh, support, uh, with my family with me. I received attention in relation with asylum seeker. Uh, they give me, um uh, full cloth

Uh, also, uh, in my college, I had, uh, some people friends, uh, also I know, um, over the Ivorian people. Uh, I think, uh, the experience is good. Uh, because I received the indication, uh, for as living in the UK But it's different with my country

The system in the UK but, uh, this morning, uh, I believe, uh, I am good established. Uh, it's really nice. Bu Yes


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