Tenant has spoken about her happiness with her For Housing bungalow, she likes the area where she lives and also likes her neighbours, she feels both safe and relaxed in her property.

Tenant spoke about how supported she feels with the onsite staff help. That she has a scheme coordinator to help her with her issues with speaking to others and reading letters, she can find this difficult to do herself but with a little help can remain an independent person.

She likes to have conformation that she is doing things the right way and will often have a plan B set up in her mind if things don’t quite go the way she thought they would. 

Tenant has lived in the Salford / Walkden area all her life and cannot every see herself moving anywhere else, she is a long time tenant and has seen many changes over the years.

She attended a local school growing up. When her mum became ill she helped to care for her and often talks about this time, she still gets quite emotional about this. She also helped to bring up her niece, she is still in contact with her and helps her niece with her new baby, she will often walk to Walkden to go and meet them.

Tenant likes to travel out and about and will use her bus pass to go as far as Preston.  She is not happy that she has not been able to go and visit her long time friend in Blackpool since the pandemic, she spoke about her worries about her friends health as her friend is quite a bit older than herself.

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