GM - stories from Trafford residents about their experiences of attending GP surgeries

So it's recording now, How do you find your experiences? Have been with your local GP. Ok, well, I've only had to have contact with my GP. Well, a couple of times they phoned me to get my covid jab. Um, last January

So I was very happy about that. Obviously, I went to the I went to the the where the doctors is and got my covid jabs, and then so that would all worked out pretty good. Um, the other time I had, um uh, ear infection after I've been on holiday, and I got some, like, water in my ear, and it's quite painful

So, uh, my GP has got a, um it's like an online system. So I use that which I like, because I don't particularly like phoning the GP because you you can sometimes wait for ages. So I did it online, and then I think it was a couple of days or it asked you what the problem was, and you know how urgent it was

And I said it wasn't urgent because it sort of hurt a bit. But it wasn't like I was dying or anything, so I just said you know it's quite urgent. And then somebody phoned me back and said The doctor would phone me like in four days time, which I thought wasn't great

But I sort of could understand because, you know, it's like covid and, you know, probably a lot of people with a lot more serious problems than me. So I was a bit like, Oh, I just get on with it Um, So then she phoned me. She asked me some questions and she got me a prescription and the prescription was available straight away

So I just went around to the chemist and got the prescription, and it was fine. It worked, so it was quite that was quite good. Once I spoke to the doctor, it was really quick and seamless

So that's positive experience. Yeah, it took. It took quite a while for GP to get in touch with me

But like I said, I think that's because I suppose you have to prioritise things like what's the most important? So it, but it wasn't like killing me. So and how do you feel? Do you feel like Covid has affected anything with your GP surgery or with yourself trying to contact the GP. Um, yeah, I suppose I've not that I've had this problem with a sense of smell

So if it hadn't been for covid, I probably would have gone back to the GP to to talk about that. But I thought that they were probably under enough stress as it was, and it wasn't that important to me. So I've sort of reduced my what I would normally go to the GP for because, you know, for non painful things, I wouldn't I don't go, uh, for that because I wasn't in pain

But, you know, if I was still in pain, if I was in pain with something like my ear, that obviously would go to the doctors overall, it's been, um, it's been it's probably stopped me doing a few things, but not not anything that would like I say, or if I had, like, symptoms for something quite serious, which, technically, I have not.

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