David talks about how it feels to interact with social care services, how it can not feel very human due to all the systems and processes that get in the way of human interaction.

I would just like to say that, um, the general CO port is, um, interesting. Shall I say that? I mean, currently. I mean, I've been through hell, Um, and I've come out the opposite side of it. I mean, I I laugh about it because it's so to me

It's so silly, but, um but fortunately, I've I had my out increased, which was quite pleased about, um so I'm now able to have 23112 about four p. A s. Um, which one is? One is flexible

So I can have them, as which, as and when I want them. But I've got my main p a. Which is which Essex would my my my local authority would see as being illegal, but I don't so never mind

Um, but, um, basically, my brother is here not living here because he is here because of my mental issues. But we can't get that over to Essex. So So the local authority, because they won't listen

Um, and the problem I have now is trying to get a personal health budget sorted because of the autism and the complex PTSD. I've got the contact. He's just trying to get them to move

Um, for the additional support which they count, the local authority will not, um, seem to lift their or get off their backside and actually do something. Um, and it's almost like if you've had the original assessment, you then have to wait another year for another review for them to change it, which is absolutely ridiculous, because I know there are other people in the same boat, but the system is crap. Um, and it needs, um, basically a kick up the backside to bring it into the 21st century

But communications with social services are an all time low because you have to go through this new, um, convoluted communication system to get anywhere. So, um, you just bombard them with, um emails. And something else I want to do is to find out through a Freedom of Information act, what's gone on what communications have gone on in the background between the social worker and the actual team manager to make sure they're not telling lies about me

Because what Deirdre's gone through, they might have done it to me as well, but anyway, but, um, suffice to say things are all right. Generally, Yeah, that's thank Thank you. Um, David

And it's similar, I think in in in a lot of respects to I mean, Robert's example was was much more positive, Um, because he'd had a really good experience. Although he's he's self funding now. And I didn't get to ask him about the experience of being a self funder, Um, in terms of obviously the care and support that he he needs, but we'll follow that up with him another time

Um, but, you know, talked a lot about her experiences and what you're describing there it it It sounds very similar in the sense that does it feel like you're dealing with people or or humans as as part of this, or does it feel like it just It just feels like, um, if you are dealing with humans as if they've, um, they're the other side of the brick wall. I'm sorry. I'm trying not to laugh, but it's ridiculous

Or if you are, um, if you're dealing or you're dealing with a computer system that's controlled by an idiot or um oh, we're not in the office. So we're working from home. But when you actually phone them? They say they take forever

And then they say, Oh, well, we we can't access your file for some reason, Um, because it's being dealt with by, um, as I said, a stupid team manager who quite a few of us would like to. I'm not. This isn't just me

This is my P A as well. My main p A. Would like to pull up against a brick wall and shoot

I hear the level of frustration you know, in in the way that you're talking around the kind of almost lack of humanity, Um, in in terms of the experiences that that you're having, um and and it's and it's it's hard sometimes to to communicate that back to to people in a way that is, ironically, not not so much a personal kind of, um, attack, because you're recognising that people are stuck working within a computer system or a system or a set of rules and regulations. And what have you that make it incredibly difficult for things to to shift or change in the way that helps you to live? Um, that the life that they just want to live, they're just not living in the world of reality, it's almost like they've had the brain transplant, you know? It was also like they've they've put this, they've taken their normal head off and they put their sorry their their their their, um Their social services, lack of humanity, a lack of empathy couldn't care less, or, um, or we're gonna be facing a a period of austerity. So we've given you a It's giving you some more money giving you some more hours, but then we're gonna cut it because I fear that's that's coming round the corner


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