A reflective interview with a young person exploring their experience of the COVID-19 Pandemic as part of the CONTINUE Project.

So what were the different periods of lockdown like for you? So our first lockdown. At first I thought it was gonna be quite boring. We actually turned up very nice since I could just stay at home and not worry about school or work. But then and I could play games and just do what I want

But then after a while of isolation, it got kind of boring being stuck inside. And I was desperate to go outside, but we weren't really allowed to do that since they were really tight on rules. And so I thought the second lockdown was a bit better, since we could still go to school and I could see my friends, but we couldn't really go anywhere together since I wasn't really allowed

And we were only really allowed to meet in small, small group. The third lockdown, while it was just I know I Yeah,.

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